ITS Alliance Begins HIGH NORTH 2020-2022 Deployment

June 22, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Navy and the Hydrographic Institute return to the Arctic with the Alliance ship for the new three-year research in marine geophysics HIGH NORTH 2020-2022.

The Navy’s HIGH NORTH20 campaign is aimed at ensuring the continuity of environmental observations useful to the international and national scientific community.

In particular, as for all Navy ships engaged in operations, a stringent health protocol has been implemented to ensure the health of the personnel on board in the face of the COVID-19 emergency.

Nave Alliance, under the command of the frigate captain Andrea Crucitti, is a multipurpose NATO research vessel, with a Navy crew, organically framed, through the Hydrographic Units and Experiences Squadron Command (COMSQUAIDRO) and the Countermeasure Forces Command Mine (MARICODRAG), in the Command in Chief of the Naval Squad (CINCNAV). It has a crew of 48 military personnel and since 3 June has embarked on a scientific team, coordinated by Professor Roberta Ivaldi of the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute.

The prestigious international and national research bodies, such as NATO STO-CMRE, the JRC – Research Center of the European Union, the National Research Council (CNR), the National Agency for New Technologies, the energy and economic development (ENEA), the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), the National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS), the European Research Institute (ERI) and private industry (e- GEOS).

This year, due to the restrictions adopted due to the COVID-19 emergency, the team is made up entirely of personnel from the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy.

The HIGH NORTH 20 campaign has as its objective the knowledge of the Ocean, a topic for the attention of the global community for the interest shown by the United Nations, precisely at the opening of the decade dedicated to the oceans (UN Decade of Ocean Science for Environment Sustainability) and will see a strong component of Young Ocean Researchers. On board the Alliance ship and for HIGH NORTH20, there are 5 Navy officers during their specialist / academic training in the field of Hydrography, offered by the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy.

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