Tonnerre Trains With USMC Ospreys

June 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – Deployed on a Corymbe mission since June 8, PHA Tonnerre hosted two US Marine Corps V22 convertible aircraft for a “Touch and Go” (TAG) session before crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

“OUTLAW 12, clear for take-off”. Wednesday, June 10, the TAG are linked at a sustained pace. Each landing and takeoff, a strong wind sweeps across the bridge. The PHA Tonnerre flight deck teams, well away from spot 1, remain vigilant.

PHA Tonnerre provided the two V22s at the Rota base (Spain) with its passage through the Strait of Gibraltar, during its deployment in the Gulf of Guinea. These 24-ton convertible planes have the capacity to perform vertical takeoffs: they can rotate their propellers 90 ° and take off like a helicopter. For 3 hours, the American crews were able to practice landing on PHA before carrying out a rotating rotor refueling (RRT) and reaching their base.

This training testifies once again to the cooperation implemented between the French, American and Spanish armies within the framework of securing the Gulf of Guinea.

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