Russian BALTOPS Shadows Return to Baltysk

June 18, 2020 (Google Translation) – The ships of the Baltic Fleet, observing the exercises of the NATO forces “Baltops 2020”, returned to their permanent bases

The ships of the Baltic Fleet completed the tasks in the naval training grounds of the fleet, returned to the main naval base of the city of Baltiysk and began planned military training and everyday activities.

During events at sea, the crews of the ships of the Baltic Fleet worked out operations in accordance with their combat mission. A complex of combat training missions was carried out at the naval training grounds, and the readiness of forces for anti-submarine warfare and air defense was tested. During combat training at sea, minesweepers and small anti-submarine ships worked out the tasks of protecting and defending the water area.

In addition, naval strike groups worked out missile strikes against contingent enemy ships together with naval aviation. Small rocket ships – carriers “Caliber” made electronic launches on conventional facilities in the depths of the mainland. The crews of the ships conducted a set of trainings for anti-sabotage defense during parking on an unprotected roadstead.

About 20 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet were also involved in combat training activities during this period.

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