RFS Andrey Stepanov to Transit Northeast Passage for Homeport Kamchatka

June 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – The latest marine tugboat “Andrey Stepanov”, built specifically for the Pacific Fleet, has completed tests on the Black Sea and is preparing to move from Sevastopol to Kamchatka, where it will be part of the detachment of support vessels for the Troops and forces in Northeast Russia. It is planned that the ship will arrive at the place of deployment by the Northern Sea Route.

The crew formed earlier in Kamchatka has already completed training, mastered the material part of the vessel and worked closely with the factory commissioning team. During the tests, landing was carried out by the tug of a deck helicopter.

The main tasks of the tug include escort operations in the far ocean, transportation of goods, breaking ice, as well as participation in search and rescue and special operations, including the elimination of the consequences of accidental oil spills, taking ships and ships aground, putting out fires on floating objects and onshore facilities.

The vessel has a displacement of about 3200 tons, autonomy for more than 30 days, cruising range of more than 3000 nautical miles.

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