ARA Granville Visited Rio de Janeiro

February 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the morning of today, the ARA “Granville” corvette entered the port of Rio de Janeiro, after 12 days of sailing, and once all the sailboats participating in the regatta crossed the finish line in the Iate Clube of the city, ending the competition.

The corvette was received by the Consul General of the Argentine Republic in Rio de Janeiro, Minister Claudio Ricardo Gutiérrez; and by the Naval Attaché to the Argentine Embassy in Brazil, Captain Diego Sánchez.

The Argentine Navy designated the ARA corvette “Granville” to fulfill the role of escort and safety vessel to the sailboats participating in the XXVI edition of the Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro Ocean Regatta. Its main mission was the safeguarding of human life at sea, for this reason, throughout the journey it remained in a favorable relative position, that is, it maintained an average distance between the first and the last sailboat.

During the competition, the personnel of the Combat Information Center (CIC) of the ship updated the positioning data in the MINIACCO system, with the information provided by the Navy Training and Enlistment Command (COAA) and the communications that Sailboats were made using VHF or HF. In this way there was a constant record of the positions and situation of each of the competitors.

On the other hand, the ship’s crew – under the command of Frigate Captain Martín Edgardo Méndez – trained during all navigation, carrying out fire-fighting practices; fault control; abandonment exercise; man maneuvers to the water; overboard jump; boat maneuvers; and training in Visit Registration and Capture (VRC).

Also the Lieutenant of Medical Frigate Alejandra Arriaga gave talks of Health and the midshipmen on board presented on the city to visit. The stay in the Brazilian port is estimated for three days and then the corvette will bow its natural locker at the Mar del Plata Naval Base.

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