Mission Jeanne d’Arc Joins FS Aconit on Operation Sea Guardian

June 17, 2020 (Google Translation) – Deployed in the Mediterranean, the Jeanne d’Arc 2020 group, made up of the amphibious helicopter carrier Mistral and the frigate La Fayette Guépratte and the frigate Aconit, were engaged in associated support for two separate but concomitant maritime missions: the operation of the European Union called IRINI and that of NATO called Sea Guardian.

Currently deployed in the central Mediterranean, the Jeanne d’Arc group supported operation IRINI off the Libyan coast between June 12 and 19. European operation created on March 31, 2020, IRINI aims to enforce the arms embargo on Libya imposed by a 2016 UN resolution (UNSCR 2292). Since her return to the Mediterranean, the Jeanne d’Arc group had also used its presence in the area to support the NATO maritime security operation, Sea Guardian .

In the same space-time, the frigate Aconit deployed within the framework of a presence mission in the Mediterranean was also engaged in associated support for these two operations.

This multiple commitment demonstrates the interest and attention that France pays to this area of ​​strategic interest. Relying in particular on their on-board helicopters, the Mistral and the Guépratte as well as the Aconite were able to provide a reconnaissance and detection capacity allowing a better understanding of the regional maritime situation.

Carried out alongside our European partners and the Alliance, these deployments help to prevent the risks of instability in the region.

In addition to its involvement in the continuity of operations, the Jeanne d’Arc 2020 group is continuing its training mission for the benefit of the 138 student officers of the EAOM (Marine officers’ school of application). These future executives will join their assignment in the different units of the French Navy this summer.

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