Anti-sabotage boats of the Northern Fleet arrived at Shlisselburg

June 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – The first participants of the Main Naval Parade on the Neva in St. Petersburg from the Northern Fleet – anti-sabotage boats “Yunarmeets Zapolyarya”, “Yunarmeets of the White Sea” and “Valery Fedyanin” arrived at Shlisselburg.

They were towed through the Barents and White Sea to Belomorsk, and then through the system of canals and locks of the Belomorkanal, Lake Onega and Ladoga reached the entrance to the Neva. The transition through the water system of Karelia took about a week.

Boats will pass along the Neva river fairway independently, without the help of tugboats, which provided their entire sea and river passage to save resources.

In the near future, anti-sabotage boats of the Northern Fleet will arrive at the Leningrad Naval Base and begin preparations for the Main Naval Parade.

Anti-sabotage boats of the Rook project were built at the Vympel Rybinsk shipbuilding enterprise. They are intended for patrolling the water area of ​​basing points of the fleet forces and the fight against submarine sabotage forces and enemy means. The boats participating in the parade from the Northern Fleet are armed with anti-submarine sabotage units and provide security for submarine bases on the Kola Peninsula.

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