German MK180 Order Detailed

June 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Bundeswehr is planning the MKS Multi-purpose warship180 as an all-rounder for the navy. Mission modules cover a wide range of uses – with superiority in naval warfare at the very end.

The MKS Multi-purpose warship 180 will be a general purpose weapon. Installation modules designed for specific military missions will make this possible. The mission modules are at the core of what makes the “multi-purpose” of these battleships practical. This modularity is a consequence both of the experience the Bundeswehr now has with stabilization operations for conflict prevention and crisis management, some of which have been going on for years – as well as of the requirements that a state and alliance defense in Europe places on the navy.

The “K” stands for “fight”

The MKS Multi-purpose warship should therefore be able to patrol large sea areas all over the world and for a long time, to monitor embargoes and, if necessary, to evacuate German citizens from crisis situations; To be able to enforce submarines. So far, a single type of ship has not been able to fulfill a wide range of tasks.Here is the basic variant of the MKS Multi-purpose warshipa fully fledged combat ship alone. Interchangeable functional units complement this core capability and then make the ship a specialist. Two types of such mission modules are currently planned: a module “ ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare-Location picture “and a module” Detention.”

Flexibility thanks to the modular system

The mission module “ ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare-Lagebild “makes the MKS Multi-purpose warship to the specialized submarine hunter. With on-board helicopters and their own sonars – in conjunction with the sensors of allied reconnaissance planes and submarines – the ship can make a large sea area safe against dangers from below.The “Detention” module turns the FMD Multi-purpose warship a floating base for example for anti-piracy missions. Several rooms allow people to be temporarily detained; an additional medical center makes medical examinations possible under quarantine conditions.

As much independence as possible

The mission modules are divided into three areas in the ship. A so-called flex deck is located below the flight deck at the stern. With the help of an external crane, it can be loaded from above via a loading hatch. Two more flex decks are located in the superstructure, approximately half the length of the ship, and can be reached with an on-board multi-purpose container crane.

3D graphics of three gray warships from the front in sea.
BAAINBw / MTG Marinetechnik

Exchange and commissioning of the modules should be possible quickly and worldwide, without interfering with the ship structure and without a shipyard. In addition, the modules must withstand the climatic and oceanographic conditions that prevail in the respective area of ​​application. This is how the FMD is Multi-purpose warship can travel in the tropics as well as have a certificate for ice-covered waters to navigate polar regions.The modularity of the FMD Multi-purpose warship brings several advantages: Mission modules that are not required can be stored and serviced independently of the ship as a deployment platform. The modules do not have to be procured for every ship and can also be purchased independently.

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