Germany Orders Four MKS 180 Frigates

June 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – Germany today signed for the construction of 4 MKS 180 frigates. Damen Shipyards designs the so-called Mehrzweckkampfschiffe. They are built on German yards and receive radars from Thales Nederland. The construction of the frigates makes it clear that German-Dutch cooperation is also taking shape increasingly at a maritime level.

This was already the case in the field of land systems. Think of the Leopard 2A6 main battle tank or Tactical Edge Networking. The latter project aims to further integrate the mobile tactical communication systems of both countries. At a maritime level, however, there are also many opportunities for (material) cooperation.

Last month, State Secretary Barbara Visser already spoke to her German colleague Benedikt Zimmer about this via video connection.

“The intensive cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany has a long history and offers opportunities for the future. That is why I regularly consult with my German colleague to see how we can use these possibilities together “, Visser.

The last conversation was about cooperation in the replacement of the Dutch air defense and command frigates and the German F124 frigate class.” Agreements are being recorded. in a letter of intent that is expected to follow at the end of this year. A shared need also offers opportunities for the German and Dutch maritime defense industry, “said Zimmer.

The next step is to draw up a joint package of requirements for the frigates. They must protect themselves, but also other ships, from aircraft and missiles.

In addition to the aforementioned cooperation in the field of frigate construction, the ministers discussed the options for replacing transport ships and the various vessels for the marines.

In addition, neighboring countries are committed to further cooperation in the field of artillery systems, ground-based air defense and electronic warfare.

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