Follow-up meeting for the F-110 frigate program at the Arsenal Militar de Ferrol

June 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – Throughout the morning of June 15, a meeting to follow up on the program of the F-110 frigates, which was chaired by the Hon. Mr. Ángel Olivares Ramírez, Secretary of State for Defense, and accompanied by Admiral Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Teodoro E. López Calderón.

This meeting was also attended by the Chief Admiral of Logistics Support, the President of Navantia (Susana de Sarriá Sopeña), the Director General of Economic Affairs, the Admiral Director General of Armament and Material, the Deputy Director of Programs of the DGAM, the Admiral Director of Engineering and Naval Constructions, the Admiral Chief of the Military Arsenal of Ferrol, the adviser to the President of Navantia, VA (R) Francisco Javier Romero Caramelo, the Chief of the Cabinet of AJEMA, the Head of the F-110 Program of the DGAM , the Director of Operations and Business of Navantia (Gonzalo Mateo-Guerrero Alcázar), the Director of the Ría de Ferrol Shipyard (Jorge Filgueira Ameneiros), the Director of the F-110 Program of Navantia (Eduardo Dobarro Rubido), and the Counselor SEDEF technician.

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