French SSBN Temeraire Test Fires M51 ICBM

June 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – On June 12, 2020, off the tip of Penmarch (Finistère), the nuclear-powered vehicle submarine (SNLE) Le Téméraire launched a strategic ballistic missile M51. This test was carried out without nuclear charge and in strict compliance with France’s international commitments.

5 th shooting M51 from a SSBN, this milestone validates adaptation M51 SNLE the Bold in the second major technical stop (ATM / IPER) from admission to active duty in 1999. He says the ability and that France has to implement its deterrent weapon system, as well as its credibility and efficiency, whether by new generation missile technology and by the carrier’s capability, the SNLE, to implement it . This major maintenance also saw the renovation of a significant number of the capabilities of this submarine.

The Bold will continue its tests and the last stages of its maintenance in order to be ready to return to the operational cycle.

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