Chilean Navy Patrols Strait of Magellan

June 10, 2020 (Google Translation) – During the day of June 10, Maritime Police and Fisheries Control were carried out in the area of ​​the Strait of Magellan, this due to the transit of the Chinese flag fishing fleet in the area, as well as various other operations at sea .

In this way, the flight of Naval Helicopter 57, belonging to the Aeronaval Group South, was arranged, where a specialized observer for control and inspection tasks was embarked, an operation that also included the transit of the Strait of Magellan between Punta Arenas, Cabo Froward, Golfo Xaultegua , Seno Glacier and Estero Córdova.

The control and surveillance tasks of the Chinese fishing fleet, made up of more than 30 vessels, and also of other artisanal fishing vessels, such as aquaculture areas, were carried out in accordance with the protocols established by the Maritime Authority, making contact by radio and supervising by air means their journey on the established route, also collecting records of the processes.

The observer for the operation was Corporal 1st Litoral Marcelo Altamirano Rojas, who commented that “during the day a Maritime Police control operation was carried out in the Strait of Magellan, supervising Chinese fishing vessels, psalm aquaculture and other vessels.”

The Commander of Naval Helicopter 57, Lieutenant Commander Benjamín Paredes, mentioned that “a control flight of the Asian fishing fleet in transit in the Strait of Magellan from East to West was developed, in which we developed a route of 280 nautical miles, equivalent to 518 kilometers, where we control and inspect ships in inland waters, thus collaborating with the oversight role of the Chilean Maritime Authority. ”

In this way, the Institution continues with fundamental operations in maritime traffic, especially considering the high flow of ships that carry out operations on different routes within the jurisdiction of the Third Naval Zone, contributing to national development and keeping the waters open and safe for the important traffic and logistical support that these mean for the development of the country.

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