Mission Jeanne d’Arc Midship Conduct Weapons Training at Sea

June 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – Between June 2 and June 7, 2020, artillery training called “fire school” was held aboard the frigate Guépratte then sailing in the Red Sea and then in the Mediterranean Sea for 12 specialty student officers missile-gunner.

This training, aimed at conditioning the aptitude of these student officers to occupy a position of “gunner” on a Navy vessel, allowed the instructors to “guarantee to the command that the young officers are able to lead technical shots in complete safety as soon as they arrive in their next assignments at the end of the Joan of Arc mission ” specifies Lieutenant Nicolas, chief of the frigate’s arms service.

20 mm cannon shot by a student officer under the orders of one of his comrades

Day and night, the students learned how to prepare and conduct the various types of shots they will face in their future units: shots against asymmetric threats, police shots, shots against aircraft or against floating goals and shots against Earth.

To do this, the midships were fully integrated into the Guépratte’s arms service teams . “The firearms school allows student officers to see the different types of fire and to realize the constraints: time to prepare ammunition, maintenance of weapons, etc. ” Underlines the master Roman, head of the self-defense sector . During the shots, they occupied the various positions of the artillery chain: shooter, chief of defense on sight, protection officer, exercise director, etc. They learned how to organize a shooting as a whole: “It is a good opportunity for them to be really with us on a daily basis since they go through all the levels of the artillery chain, from the drafting of the firing sheet to the preparation of ammunition in the hold, up to the shooting in himself “.

This training marked the culmination of a complex training course for future gunners, coming to close the operational part of their specialty school as part of the Jeanne d’Arc mission .

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