Project 19910 Nikolay Skosyrev Trials Completed

June 15, 2020 (Google Translation) – In the Northern Fleet, the state sea trials of the small hydrographic ship Nikolai Skosyrev were completed. They took place for two weeks in the Kola Bay and the Barents Sea.

During the tests, the navigational and seaworthiness of the vessel, the operation of its lifting device, hydrographic weapons were checked, its ability to install navigation equipment was evaluated. The working die with which the ship was equipped was also tested.

Tests in the Barents Sea took place over 4 days. According to the reviews of hydrographs of the Northern Fleet, the new ship successfully coped with all the tasks.

On June 14, the acceptance act was signed. The document was signed by the chairman of the selection committee from the High Command of the Navy, Captain 1st Rank Andrei Yegorov and captain Nikolay Iotsu.

The ceremonial raising of the flag on a hydrographic vessel will be timed to coincide with one of the upcoming holidays or memorable events.

IGU Nikolay Skosyrev will be the first relatively large vessel of Russian production in the hydrographic service of the Northern Fleet in the current millennium.

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