FS Languedoc Begins Operation AGENOR Patrols

June 12, 2020 (Google Translation) – After the Courbet and the Forbin , the multi-mission frigate Languedoc commanded by Captain Helluya joins Operation AGENOR , the military component of the maritime surveillance mission in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, EMASoH .

Placed under the international seal with the deployment of the Dutch frigate De Ruyter , recently disengaged after four months of mission, the AGENOR operation benefits from solid capacities of appreciation of the situation thanks to the technical and tactical specificities of Languedoc . Its modern sensors and the know-how of its crew allow it to have a very fine vision at the same time of the maritime, air but also underwater environment. In other words, Languedoc sees underwater, on the water and in the air which allows it to establish the movement of the different actors in the area. Supported by maritime overflights using an NH90 and an Atlantic 2 patrol boat, all of these resources help to finely map the regional environment to better understand civil and military activities in the Gulf of Oman, the Arab-Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. Conducted in compliance with international law of the sea (respect for the territorial waters and airspace of the riparian States, respect for the right of unimpeded transit in the Strait of Hormuz …), these actions demonstrate France’s resolute commitment and of its partners in favor of securing trade routes and regional stabilization.

Since the creation of Operation Agenor , France has provided military means on a continuous basis, thus helping to gradually restore a climate of confidence in commercial buildings. The FREMM Languedoc thus raised the air defense frigate Forbin which had itself succeeded the light stealth frigate Courbet. A French Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft also brings operational added value to the area. France also hosts the headquarters of the multinational tactical command of the operation, made up of several countries (Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, etc.) and operating from the naval base in Abu Dhabi. A picture of EMASoHlaunched by France to provide a multilateral response to regional tensions by promoting de-escalation, AGENOR is catalyzing European cooperation in the region. Thus, interoperability and the pooling of multiple skills, particularly within its staff, constitute added value. During its deployment, the De Ruyters will for example have practiced aviation maneuvers in the Gulf of Oman and tactical maneuvers in the Arabian Gulf with the FREMM Languedoc.

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