TCG Yabray Kudret Güngör Refuels FS Courbet off Libya

June 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – This Thursday, June 4, the La Fayette-type frigate Courbet (FLF) currently engaged in the NATO Operation Sea Guardian carried out a refueling at sea off Libya with the Turkish oil tanker Yabray Kudret Güngör (class Akar).

Deployed as part of the European maritime force “EUROMARFOR” integrated into Operation Sea Guardian , the Courbet carried out this unprecedented maneuver using the expertise and tactical agility of the two vessels. Demonstrating the professionalism and interoperability between the French and Turkish navies, this sequence also testifies to the high level of ability achieved within the Atlantic Alliance.

Engaged since May 28 in the Sea Guardian operation alongside the Italian frigate Carabiniere arming the “EUROMARFOR”, the Courbet contributes, by its action, to maritime security in the central Mediterranean. Sea Guardian aims, in fact, to monitor any activity that may represent a threat or support for international terrorism.

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