BAE Systems to Attend UDT2020

June 2, 2020 – The Golden Triangle, or Triple Helix, is all about how governments, industry and academia work together to help a country with a small navy to survive in the current, highly technological field of naval warfare.

It’s a key topic at the Undersea Defence Technology exhibition in Rotterdam later this year and, as a key player in that Golden Triangle, it was great to see and hear our Product and Training Services Director Brooke Hoskins in the first of a series of pre-event webinars last week.

Despite COVID-19, our talented Underwater Weapons team continue to make great progress in supporting our Royal Navy and allies in the complex and rapidly evolving underwater battlespace.

From Kingfisher, an innovative new modular carrier system which can deliver depth charges or sonobuoys from a naval gun on board a warship, to Archerfish, the mine neutralization system in service in the U.S., and the ongoing upgrade to our Spearfish heavyweight torpedo, we invest, we innovate and we collaborate.

As the UK’s largest concentration of specialist underwater weapons design and development engineers, we offer a unique infrastructure, with the expertise, tools and facilities to design and develop underwater weapons in a safe and secure environment – pandemic or no pandemic.

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