HNLMS Zeeland 350 Kilo Drug Bust

June 5, 2020 (Google Translation) – Patrol ship Zeeland intercepted a drug transport in the Caribbean on the night of June 1. Defense announced this today.

It was about 350 kilos of cocaine in a small boat. Both crew members of the so-called go-fast have been arrested.

The Coast Guard’s shore radar and Dash-8 patrol aircraft detected the vessel earlier in the day. The photos taken by the Dash showed many fuel barrels. That suggested drug smuggling.

The Zeeland gave chase, supported by the coastguard aircraft. When the naval vessel had approached sufficiently, the crew launched the fast (FRISC) boat for interception.

Zeeland commander captain-lieutenant at sea Paul Bijleveld is happy with the successful action. According to him, the Dash has once again proved its worth. He also praised the smart and good teamwork between the various units of the Coast Guard.

Zeeland has been operating as a station ship in the Caribbean since April 2020. Main tasks are to provide emergency assistance after disasters and to carry out anti-drug operations.

By the way, HNLMS Karel Doorman involved in the action. The logistics support ship, in the area for corona assistance, was ready for possible medical removal with the Cougar on-board helicopters.

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