LORA Ballistic Missile Test Fired

June 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – The aerospace industry conducted a successful double-missile operation on the LORA weapon system – an accurate ballistic missile. The experiment was designed and successfully carried out under the Corona limits and as part of the business work program and capabilities demonstration to the advanced missile system customers.

The experiment, conducted from sea, involved the launch of two long-range LORA missiles toward a pre-planned sea-level impact point in two descriptors. In the complex experiment, a variety of advanced capabilities of the LORA weapon system were tested and demonstrated successfully in the short-range – 90km and long-range – 400km. The onshore weapon system was placed on a ship at sea as part of the safety requirements in such experiments. The missile was launched from an operational system that included a command trailer and a land carrier. In both experimental descriptors, Sugar launched his orbit, navigating himself toward the target and hitting the target with great precision. The weapons and missile system successfully met all of their targets. In light of the corona’s limitations, the experiment was carried out using a mobile experimental field and a small team (capsule) that implemented remote management and work.

LORA, developed by the MELM Aerospace Industries, is a marine and terrestrial weapon system that includes a long-range ground missile, a unique launcher, a control and control system, and a terrestrial / marine support system. The system answers ballistic attacks in a variety of ranges with a precision of about 10 meters.

Aerospace Vice President and Chief of Systems, Missile and Aerospace Division Boaz Levy : “The LORA system is a strategic missile system and this complex experiment, carried out under the Corona’s limitations, has demonstrated and demonstrated the advanced capabilities of the aerospace industry and the weapons system. The experiment was carried out in full operational outline, where the maneuverability, attack and system accuracy were tested together with technological advancements and improvements made by the engineering team of the company. The ability to carry out such a complex experiment these days is further evidence of the aerospace industry’s commitment to its customers around the world. The impressive experimental results prove the maturity of the system and its advanced capabilities and I thank the Navy, the Air Force and the Ministry of Defense for the cooperation and harnessing to complete this experiment. ”

The LORA Weapon System was developed in the Aerospace Missile and Space Systems Division believing in the development and construction of air defense systems such as the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 weapons, Lightning 8, roaming and countless missile systems, advanced satellite systems such as observation satellites, nano-satellites, satellite launchers, satellites Communication, including the national media satellite Dror and the ‘Genesis’ spacecraft in its groundbreaking mission to the moon and more. The aerospace industry is a national and global technological hub in the fields of air defense, radar, satellite, unmanned tools, civil aviation and cyber.

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