More Building Materials Lightered to Arctic Air Base Nagurskoye

June 2, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Northern Sea Route nuclear lighter carrier Sevmorput, operating in the interests of the Northern Fleet, delivered more than 15 thousand tons of building materials to the Alexandra Land island of the Franz Josef Land Arctic archipelago.

The cargo, most of which is reinforced concrete slabs, is intended to continue the construction of the runway of the all-weather airfield of the Northern Fleet “Nagurskoye”. It was opened this spring and is functioning normally, while construction work continues on it.

The airfield is provided by the military personnel of the tactical group of the Northern Fleet, serving at the northernmost Russian military base “Arctic Shamrock”.

Nagurskoye is also the northernmost of the currently operating high-latitude airfields in the Arctic, which is capable of receiving aircraft of various classes, including IL-76 transport, all year round.

Photo by Vadim Savitsky via Wikipedia

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