Singapore & Indonesia Hold Joint Minex Pandu-22

Kaskoarmada II Laksma TNI Andi Abdul Aziz, SH, MM, representing Pangkoarmada II Laksma TNI Dr. TSNB Hutabarat, MMS, released 2 KRIs namely Pulau Rengat-711 and KRI Pulau Rupat-712 to implement Latma Joint Minex Pandu-22 in Singapore. The release was carried out at the Madura Koarmada II pier at the end of Surabaya, Sunday, (31/7/2022).

Before the release started with the equipment title appeal, Kaskoarmada II directorate, followed by the role of the push back in the framework of Latma Joint Minex Pandu-22 in Singapore.

In his directive, Kaskoarmada II conveyed that this exercise will be carried out in other countries, therefore in order to comply with the regulations in force in that country. “During training to demonstrate performance, professionalism and discipline as a TNI AL soldier, this will be an assessment by the host country.” Kaskoarmada II speech.

In addition to showing discipline so that the soldiers also prioritize the safety of personnel and material, so that during training until they return to the base in a safe condition.

Latma Joint Minex Pandu-22 is a bilateral exercise between Indonesia and Singapore that will be carried out until August 26, 2022, each country involving 2 warships. While the purpose of the exercise is to improve the professionalism of the two navies as well as establish cooperation and diplomatic relations between the two navies of Indonesia and Singapore.

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