ARA Libertad Arrives in Dublin for a Port Call July 29th

The Argentine Navy training ship anchored in Killala Bay, Ireland July 27th. It is located on the northwest coast of the country, in County Mayo, near the mouth of the Moy River.

These lands are of great importance for Argentina, since it is the cradle of our greatest naval hero, Admiral Guillermo Brown, who in the Moy River learned the first navigation arts and where he returned, according to history, at the age of 70, to touch its icy and crystalline waters.

William Brown was born in Foxford, on 22 June 1777, a small town in County Mayo in Ireland. There he remained until he was 9 years old, when his father decided to emigrate with him to the United States of America. The ups and downs of life led him to the waters of Rio de la Plata and to become the Commander of the first naval squadron and first chief of the liberating fleet, appointed by decree of the Supreme Director of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, Gervasio de Posadas.

His consecration as a marine exemption and his great feat was on May 17, 1814, when he subdued the royalist forces in the memorable Naval Combat of Diving, off the coast of Montevideo. Thus he became the first Irish Admiral, naturalized Argentine, who dedicated his life to the service of his adopted homeland.

On Friday morning the frigate ARA “Libertad” will take moorings in the port of Dublin, where its crew will make protocol visits. On Sunday, part of it will travel 200 km to reach Foxford, where they will parade and pay tribute to the naval hero, in his birthplace.

Also, as part of the cultural exchange and fraternity that arises with the arrival of the “ambassador of the seas”, four young Irish people belonging to the “Charitable Association of Young People with the Desire to Sail or Connect with the Ocean” will sail aboard the school ship to share the experiences until mooring in the city of Dublin.

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