Two Project 677 Submarines in St Petersburg Naval Parade

Submarines Sankt Petersburg and Magadan, built by JSC Admiralty Shipyards (part of USC), will take part in the Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt on July 31, 2022.

In the waters of the Neva, as part of the event dedicated to the Day of the Navy, the submarine of project 677 “St. Petersburg” will take pride of place. Project 677 submarines belong to the fourth generation of non-nuclear submarines and today are recognized as the most modern and promising domestic non-nuclear submarines, both in terms of combat effectiveness and other performance characteristics. JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” is the only shipbuilding plant of this class. Currently, the company is building a series of submarines of the 677 project: “Kronstadt”, “Yaroslavl” and “Vologda”.

On the Kronstadt roadstead, the submarine of the modified project 636 Magadan, built at JSC Admiralty Shipyards for the Pacific Fleet and handed over to the customer in 2021, will stand in parade formation. The contract for the construction of the series was signed in September 2016. It was a continuation of the implementation of the long-term plan of the Russian Ministry of Defense to restore the combat readiness of the country’s Navy and the program to improve diesel-electric submarines. The construction of the series is proceeding at an active pace and is nearing completion. Submarines of the modified project 636 have a higher (compared to previous projects) combat effectiveness.


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