Photo Exhibition “Sea Power” Opens in Moscow

The United Shipbuilding Corporation opened the Sea Power exhibition dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the USC and the 355th anniversary of the state shipbuilding.

On July 1, the open-air photo exhibition “Sea Power”, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and timed to coincide with the Shipbuilder’s Day, began its work. The exhibition opened in Moscow, in the pedestrian zone of Klimentovsky Lane (Zamoskvorechye). The exposition tells about the history of the creation of the Russian fleet, a significant part of which was built at the shipyards that are currently part of the USC, as well as about the modern achievements of the corporation’s enterprises.

This year marks 355 years since the signing of the decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich on the construction of the first Russian warship under the state order “Eagle”. Since 2017, in memory of this event in Russia, on June 29, Shipbuilder’s Day has been celebrated.

It is from the ship “Eagle” that the historical part of the photo exhibition begins. In chronological order, here are key milestones in the development of Russian shipbuilding technologies over three and a half centuries, as well as information about iconic ships, in the creation of which prominent Russian shipbuilders took part.

The second part showcases the latest ships and vessels built by USC in recent years – from autonomous deep-sea vehicles and submarines to nuclear-powered icebreakers, cruise liners and fishing trawlers.

The open-air photo exhibition will run in Klimentovsky Lane until July 31.

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