Indonesian Navy Ships Train in Makassar Strait

In carrying out operational tasks under the Operational Control (BKO) of Guskamla (Sea Security Group) Koarmada II, two elements of KRI from the ranks of Koarmada II, namely KRI Teluk Banten-516 and KRI Singa-651 held a joint exercise, taking place in the waters of Kotabaru Tanjung Pemancingan, Makassar Strait. . Sunday, (27/6/2022).

The exercise carried out is the flag hoist exercise (Raising the Flag Signal) which is a means to deepen the knowledge of communication with flag signals, in the flag hoist exercise each KRI involved sends and receives news by raising the flag alternately, by raising the flag signal and so on. interpret and answer with the wave of the flag. With this exercise, it also trains coordination and interoperability between elements of the KRI.

Furthermore, the Rasap (Replenishment at Sea Approach) exercise is an exercise in logistics delivery from ship to ship in the form of goods, fresh water and fuel.

In the implementation of this exercise, it was directly reviewed by Danguskamla Koarmada II, Admiral TNI I GP Alit Jaya who was onboard at KRI Teluk Banten-516.

Danguskamla Koarmada II said that the implementation of this exercise was held to maintain and improve the professionalism and combat instinct of soldiers in carrying out operational tasks and as an effort to follow up orders from the Commander of the Armed Forces II, Admiral TNI TSNB Hutabarat, as well as implementation of the KASAL priority program, Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, in in the field of developing superior and professional Indonesian Navy human resources as well as developing a system for building strength and operational readiness.

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