NATO Forces Participate in Exercise FLOTEX-22

Ships from Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2) and Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) joined the major annual exercise of the Spanish Navy, FLOTEX-22 in Rota, SPAIN from 13 to 24th of June 2022.

Exercise FLOTEX-22 is a Maritime LIVEX conducted with the participation of Spanish Army, Navy and Air Force assets and it is open to Allied Nations. This year HMS Prince of Wales or ESPS Juan Carlos aircraft carriers also took part in the exercise.

Spanish flagship to SNMCMG2, ESPS Meteoro and German ship FGS Bad Rappenau together with SNMG2 units ESPS Cantabria, ESPS Blas de Lezo and HMCS Montreal were involved in a tactical level scenario, under demanding environment conditions.

This well-organized exercise has been the last under Spanish Command, and provided to the Staff and crews a great opportunity to demonstrate once more their professionalism and to continue improving their mine countermeasure warfare skills, thus, enhance the interoperability between Allied Forces.

“This exercise was a great training opportunity. It has provided a well-planned, evolving and realistic scenario in the maritime domain. FLOTEX provides a robust level of integration among ships and proper training in mine countermeasure warfare,” said the Commander of SNMCMG2, Captain Javier Nuñez de Prado.

NATO’s four Standing Naval Forces are multinational integrated forces that project a constant and visible proof of Alliance’s solidarity and cohesion on the world’s seaways. SNFs provide NATO with a continuous maritime capability for operations and other activities in peacetime as well as in periods of crisis and conflict. SNMG2 and SNMCMG2 are two of four standing forces that comprise the maritime component of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), which is part of the NATO Response Force (NRF).

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