KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai Conducts UNREP With USNS Henry J Kaiser

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai (KRI GNR) -332 joined the Latma Multilateral Task Force RIMPAC 2022 TNI AL successfully carried out supply exercises at sea with the American warship USNS Henry J. Kaiser in the waters of Hawaii, United States.

The Underway Replenishment activity was carried out for refueling, before the KRI GNR-332 entered the Pearl Harbor Hickam Joint Base Pier for support. Monday (27/06).

This activity is important for KRI GNR-332 which at Latma RIMPAC 2022 will carry out sea phase exercises with elements of warships of various countries for 21 days at sea.

USNS Henry J. Kaiser is a U.S. Navy tanker specially intended to supply fuel at sea to U.S. warships.

Indonesian Navy photo

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