KRI Banjarmasin Supporting MXGP Indonesia 2022

KRI Banjarmasin with hull number 592 arrived at badas port, Sumbawa on the morning of Wednesday, June 22, 2022, welcomed by the Mataram Navy Base Soldiers by carrying out Merflu.

The presence of KRI Banjarmasin-592 aims to support the world-class motocross racing event ‘MXGP Indonesia 2022″ in Samota, Sumbawa Regency. maintaining the trust of the state and the people in the Navy through real work that benefits the institutions, society, nation, and state.

KRI Banjarmasin-592 was sent to support accommodation as a “floating hotel” intended for MXGP spectators who could not get a place to stay in Sumbawa, due to the limited number of hospitality businesses around the MXGP implementation location.

In addition to being a request from the Governor of NTB, Dr. H. Zulkifliemansyah S.E., M.Sc., the presence of KRI Banjarmasin-592 is also the embodiment of the Daily Order of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Yudo Margono which ordered that all Navy soldiers maintain the trust of the state and people in the Navy through real work that is beneficial to institutions, society, nation, and state.

Lanal Mataram Commander, Colonel Laut Djawara Whimbo said, “Lanal Mataram will support both personnel, materials and logistics to ensure the technical smooth running of KRI Banjarmasin-592 in supporting MXGP in Samota, Sumbawa Regency”.

As is known, MXGP is the top-class Motocross World Championship Series in the Motocross World Championship held by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). This season, Indonesia earned the right to be one of the hosts in the championship. “Therefore, we have coordinated and collaborated with various local agencies such as Pelindo and KSOP to ensure the success of this event,” said Djawara Whimbo.

Meanwhile, the Commander of KRI Banjarmasin-592, Lieutenant Colonel Laut Bambang Purnomo explained, “Overall, KRI is able to accommodate up to approximately 320 people, with a record of 100 people being accommodated using field sleep or velbed,” he concluded.

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