Indonesian-Dutch Navy Talks in Den Helder

Assistant Operations (Asops) Kasal Rear Admiral TNI Dadi Hartanto led the Navy delegation in order to carry out the 4th Navy to Navy Talks activities with the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) led by Brigadier General Jeff R. Mac Mootry, Project Leader future force Netherlands Marine Corps located in Den Helder, The Netherlands, last Tuesday (21/06).

This Navy to Navy Talks activity further demonstrates that Cooperation is the best solution in facing the dynamics of the global environment. The bilateral history of the Indonesian-Dutch Navy has been well established and increasing, especially in the development of human resources to prepare operational preparedness and increase the capabilities of the two Navies as well as the exploration of cooperation between the Marine Corps, Kopaska and Kopeba.

In the agenda of the meeting, Asops Kasal also had the opportunity to carry out a Courtesy Call to the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Kasal Netherlands), Vice Admiral Rene Tas.

This Navy Talks activity is a tangible manifestation of the implementation of the role of the Navy in the field of Diplomacy in accordance with Law Number 34 of 2004 concerning the TNI and is in line with the direction and priorities of the Head of the Indonesian Army Admiral Yudo Margono related to improving and strengthening the Diplomacy of the Navy.


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