ARA Austral Completes CONICET Mission Research Deployment

On June 15th, oceanographic vessel ARA Austral returned to its base at the Mar del Plata Naval Base, after carrying out a scientific campaign in the Argentine Sea, by researchers from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).

The ship had set sail on May 19 to carry out studies of the physical and biotic environment of the platform and slope of the Argentine continental margin. Circumscribed to the area between the parallels 37° and 41° and the meridians 58° and 53°, the tasks were developed on the side of Mar del Plata, at a distance from the coast of between 150 and 200 nautical miles.

Studies included ocean floor quality analyses and surface studies; review of deep sea ecosystems; and climate change research.

The campaign is part of the Pampa Azul initiative and was in charge of the conicet principal investigator, Alejandro Alberto Tassone, as chief scientist, together with a group of professionals who took care of the different tasks, such as obtaining samples from the ocean floor, surveying marine mammals and coastal and marine birds, and water analysis, among many others.

Argentine Navy photo

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