Russian Navy Abandons Six Project 22160 Corvettes


The Russian Navy will abandon an additional series of six patrol ships (corvettes) of project 22160 due to the discrepancy between their tactical and technical characteristics of the combat conditions of use. This was reported to TASS on Wednesday by a source in the military-industrial complex.

“The series of project 22160 patrol ships will not be continued and will end with the delivery of the last corvette of the series to the Black Sea Fleet next year,” the agency’s interlocutor said, noting that the customer intends to abandon the additional six units of project 22160 due to their tactical and technical qualities being inconsistent with combat operating conditions.

He explained that military sailors are not quite satisfied with the characteristics and equipment of corvettes tested during their combat use – insufficient seaworthiness, light armor and vulnerability of power plants, as well as weak anti-aircraft weapons.

TASS has no official information on this matter.

Earlier, Andrey Dyachkov, general director of the Northern Design Bureau, who developed project 22160, said in an interview with TASS that the first six ships of the series were built in accordance with the terms of reference issued by the customer – the Russian Navy. According to him, it was precisely for the goals and tasks defined by the fleet that the optimal composition of the weapons and equipment of the ship was chosen.

In 2014, plans were announced to increase the series from six to 12 units. On Monday, a TASS source said that by the end of this year, four Black Sea corvettes of project 22160 (“Vasily Bykov”, “Dmitry Rogachev”, “Pavel Derzhavin” and “Sergey Kotov”), taking into account the experience of participation in the special operation, will strengthen the ship’s air defense system by installing SAM “Tor-M2KM”. In December of this year, the Nikolai Sipyagin corvette is expected in the Black Sea Fleet, and next year, the last unit of the Viktor Veliky series.

Project 22160 corvettes, which are being built at the Zelenodolsk shipbuilding plant, are designed to protect and protect the maritime economic zone. They can perform search and rescue functions, escort ship caravans and fight pirates. The ships are capable of carrying up to eight cruise missiles of the Caliber family. The ship’s air defense system consists of eight Igla-S or Verba MANPADS and two 14.5 mm MTPU-1 Sting naval machine-gun mounts. The ship has hangars for Ka-27PS/Ka-29 helicopters and drones.

Photo from Russian Military Review

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