FGS Lubeck Returnin from Last Deployment June 16th

On Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 10 a.m., the “Lübeck” will return from the Aegean from the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), thus closing the chapter of the Bremen-class F122 frigates in action. At the end of the year, the “Lübeck” will be decommissioned.

“So soon after the last mission in the Aegean, this mission was a special challenge for the crew. The massive change in the world situation caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February had an impact on the entire ship, but ultimately not on the order,” said the commander, frigate captain Kai Röckel (44). “Preparing to decommission the ‘Lübeck’ at the same time in a critical security situation leads to mixed feelings. My crew did everything they could to be ready to react to the unforeseen at any time,” he continues.

The “Lübeck” comes back from the NATO support mission Aegean. Her main focus there was the development of the situation picture and the cooperation with the partners in the border region between Turkey and Greece. In its function as flagship, the Commander Task Unit and its staff, which included liaison officers from the neighboring countries and at times also the European border protection organization FRONTEX, carried out their work on the frigate.

The return of the ship to Wilhelmshaven is something special this time. The crew is looking forward to going home and knowing that it will be the last time with the old lady. “For me, a longer chapter of my life is coming to an end. I have a laughing and a crying eye. On the one hand, I have spent four years of my life on board, felt very comfortable here, found many new comrades and also friends and I’ve settled in very well. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to new experiences in a new unit, since I’ve only gotten to know the 122 class so far,” says crew member Obermaat L.

The “Lucky Lübeck” has covered 863,449 nautical miles (NM) during its 32-year journey, meaning that it has sailed around the world almost 40 times.

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