FS Borda Makes Port Call in Lagos, Nigeria

The four days of mutual training with her Nigerian counterpart, the NNS LANA, will be divided between activities at dockside and at sea. The NNS LANA was delivered last year to the Nigerian Navy by the French company OCEA.

This first day of the visit was used by the Commander, accompanied by the Defence Attaché in Nigeria, to pay an official visit to the Flag Officer Commanding the Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral WAMBAÏ, and then to the Consul General of France.

The afternoon was used to organize a cross visit of the ships by each of the French and Nigerian crews. Although the BORDA is of an older design, its equipment remains very similar and as technologically advanced as that of the NNS LANA. This similarity allows an exchange of expertise between the French and Nigerian hydrographers.

Divers from both vessels then went to sea for an exercise (their action facilitates the launching of certain equipment such as tide gauges, magnetometers…).

Another exchange took place on NNS LANA with the application of the new method of launching the hydrographic launch (essential for shallow water surveys near the coast).

Having reunited with their respective crews, the BH BORDA headed back to Brest, France.

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