BRP Melchora Aquino Christened in Manila

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) conducted Christed BRP Melchora Aquino in Port Area, Manila today, 10 June 2022.
PCG Deputy Commandant for Administration, CG Vice Admiral Rolando Lizor Punzalan Jr; Coast Guard Fleet Commander, CG Rear Admiral Charlie Rances, and BRP Melchora Aquino (MRRV-9702) Commanding Officer, CG Commander Patrick Babag unveiled the ship’s name.

In keeping with the Coast Guard tradition, the christening of the ship and the breaking of the wine are believed to bring good luck and safe vessel operations.

Similar to the first MRRV, BRP Teresa Magbanua (MRRV-9701), BRP Melchora Aquino (MRRV-9702) is modeled after the Japan Coast Guard (JCG)’s Kunigami-class vessel. It also has a maximum speed of not less than 24 knots and an endurance of not less than 4,000 nautical miles.

BRP Melchora Aquino (MRRV-9702) is likewise capable of conducting sustained maritime patrols in the country’s maritime jurisdictions, including the West Philippine Sea and Philippine Rise.

Also present during the ceremony were Coast Guard Fleet Deputy Commander, CG Captain Roderick Elioran, and Coast Guard Chaplain Service Deputy Commander, CG Captain Stephen Simangan.

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