Patrol Ship Stops Fast Drug Boat in Caribbean

HNLMS Groningen intercepted a drug transport on the high seas. In the Caribbean Sea, the patrol ship stopped a so-called go-fast (fast motorboat) and found 300 kilos of cocaine. The capture took place on May 24, but was only announced today due to the investigation.

A patrol plane of the Caribbean Coast Guard discovered the go-fast with 4 people on board northwest of Aruba. The station ship’s onboard helicopter, currently an MH-65 Dolphin of the US Coast Guard , was called in. When the go-fast failed to respond to stop signals, warning shots were fired. The 4 crew members then surrendered.

The persons on board were arrested with the aid of 2 fast interceptor vessels (FRISCs). This was done by a combined US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment and a unit of the Fleet Marine Squadron consisting of Marine Corps and Fleet personnel. The passengers and the drugs were subsequently handed over to the US Coast Guard for prosecution in the United States.

It is the 1st drug catch since the Groningen is active again in April 2022 as a station ship in the Caribbean for, among other things, anti-drug operations.

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