KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda Takes Part in UNIFIL Exercise

The Republic of Indonesia warship Sultan Iskandar Muda (KRI SIM-367) with the commander of Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Abdul Haris as Commander of the MTF XXVIII-M/UNIFIL Task Force (Dansatgas) led the Anti-Air Warfare (PAU) or Air Defense Exercises 322 (ADEX322) which was attended by two elements of state warships that are members of the UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF), namely the Turkish Warship TCG YAVUZ (YAV) and the Greek warship HS NIKIFOROS FOKAS (NIF), located in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Lebanon (06/06/2022) .

The ADEX 322 training series begins with the AS 565 MBE Panther helicopter onboard the KRI SIM-367 take-off from the helicopter deck. In this exercise the Panther Helicopter with the title “Garuda” acts as a low-flying enemy helicopter or Low Slow Flyer (LSF). Furthermore, “Garuda” was given the task of carrying out the attack profile scenario against the convoy twice and KRI SIM-367 responded by hinting at the formation of a sector veil for the other two warships to carry out air defense actions.

On the sidelines of the exercise, Dansatgas MTF XXVIII-M/UNIFIL Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Abdul Haris, conveyed an honor for KRI SIM-367 to be asked to lead the training series and act as a High Value Unit as well as an Anti-Air Warfare Commander.

According to him, the purpose of the joint exercises carried out periodically by all UNIFIL Maritime Task Force (MTF) warships in Lebanese waters is to test the response and readiness of UNIFIL MTF elements in carrying out defense against air threats.

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