FS Champlain Donates Fuel to Madagascar Navy

May 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – On May 16, the overseas support and assistance building (BSAOM) Champlain made a technical stopover in Diego-Suarez, Madagascar, in order to supply the Malagasy patrol vessel Trozona. Twenty cubic meters of diesel fuel for navigation were thus delivered free of charge.

Despite the constraints imposed by the current health situation in terms of physical exchanges usually practiced with partners, the armed forces in the southern Indian Ocean area (FAZSOI) continue to provide assistance within the framework of the regional partnership .

The objective of this particular action is to support Madagascar in its efforts to increase its capacities to exercise its sovereignty in its territorial waters. The partnership between FAZSOI and the Malagasy authorities is part of the formal agreement signed on October 31, 2019.

The barrier gestures were scrupulously respected throughout the maneuver, in particular the wearing of a mask for the on-board personnel of the Champlain as well as the sailors of the Trozona. At the request of the Madagascan doctor from Diego-Suarez, all BSAOM personnel were taken to take the temperature as soon as they got off the ship to eradicate any suspicion of contamination.

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