KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda Trains With Greek & Turkish Ships

KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda-367 (KRI SIM-367) Koarmada II who are members of the Maritime Task Force (MTF) TNI KONGA XXVIII-M/UNIFIL with Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Abdul Haris carrying 1 (one) AS 565 MBE Panther helicopter which is onboard the KRI SIM-367. In carrying out the UN mission, the US 565 MBE Panther Helicopter carried out a series of Winch Exercise (Winchex) exercises between KRI SIM-367 and the Greek warship HS Nikiforos Fokas (HS NIF) and the Turkish state warship TCG Yavuz (TCG YAV). The exercise was carried out in the AMO (Area of ​​Maritime Operation) area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. Wednesday (01/06/2022).

The AS 565 MBE Panther helicopter under the leadership of Pilot 1 Marine Major (P) Kuswoyo has an important role in carrying out MTF duties. In addition to carrying out AMIO (Air Maritime Interdiction Operation) duties, it is also an important element in the implementation of Casevac and Medevac. Therefore, the ability of the tools and personnel of the crew continues to be trained, one of which is by carrying out the Winchex training series with elements of warships from friendly countries.

This Winchex training series is carried out when a ship requires Vetical Replenishment in the form of Personnel or Materials. This exercise begins with the Simple Maneuvering exercise where all elements move to the RV (Rendezvous) point, meanwhile the helicopter takes off from the top deck of the KRI SIM-367 helicopter and heads to HS NIF and TCG YAV by bringing 1 (one) KRI SIM soldier. -367 which will be lowered via the winch later.

The personnel who will be deployed have been professionally tested and have mental and physical readiness and have carried out drill winch exercises before the implementation. When the Helicopters winchex on each ship, namely the Greek and Turkish State Warships, the Helicopters carry out the process of lowering and raising personnel to each of the targeted warships, so the exercise requires good and precise concentration and coordination from all KRI SIM soldiers, HS NIF, TCG YAV and also Heli Crew.

“This winchex training activity is carried out to maintain the capabilities of the KRI SIM-367 soldiers and the Heli Crew to be ready to carry out operations with all MTF Units ships if needed.” Obviously KRI Commander SIM-367

“The implementation of this exercise is of course in line with the emphasis of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Margono, namely to maintain good relations with the navies of other countries as a form of implementing military diplomacy tasks and creating professional, responsive Navy human resources. , and reliable and world class. During the implementation of the series of exercises, everything can run as expected safely and all KRI SIM-367 soldiers, Heli Panther crew, and ship soldiers are still prioritizing Zero accident until the training series is complete,” closed Haris.

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