Another Cocaine Bust in the Pacific for Colombian Navy

May 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – The offensive against drug trafficking in the Colombian Pacific carried out by the Colombian Navy through the Pacific Naval Force, resulted in the last hours in the seizure of a cocaine shipment valued at more than nine million dollars and the capture of three subjects, in the general area of ​​Malpelo Island.

With information from Naval Intelligence, Units of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station deployed a maritime interdiction operation in the waters of the South Pacific. At 4:00 in the morning, the Units detected a gray boat in the general area of ​​Malpelo Island, which was moving at high speed, with several people on board, who fled upon noticing the presence of the Navy from Colombia. Immediately, the persecution began at sea and in the air with the support of a Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the United States Southern Command, which finally allowed the interception of the boat 182 nautical miles from the Port of Tumaco. , in Nariño.

During the inspection of the boat manned by three men of Colombian nationality, several black bags were found that contained 274 pressed packages marked with different logos, with substances that appeared to be alkaloids; 5.56 mm ammunition cartridges and communications equipment.

The motor ship, together with the three men, were transferred to Tumaco, where members of the Prosecutor’s Technical Investigative Corps carried out the approved preliminary identification tests – PIPH, which tested positive for 274.5 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

Simultaneously, a medical team delegated by the Departmental Institute of Health of Nariño, carried out the COVID-19 tests on the three subjects, 23, 26 and 58 years old, in compliance with the established protocols for virus prevention and containment.

Apparently, the seized cargo valued at more than nine million dollars on the international black market, would be destined for Costa Rica.

The seized alkaloid, ammunition, and communications equipment were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities along with those captured, who must answer for the crimes of trafficking, manufacture or possession of narcotic drugs, and trafficking, manufacture, possession, or possession of firearms. , parts or ammunition.

The Colombian Navy in the Colombian Pacific maintains the development of operations with units deployed in the sea, rivers and air, to continue weakening the main source of financing for narco-terrorist organizations.

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