Argentina Claims Air Attack on Aircraft Carrier HMS Invincible

On May 30, 1982, two Super Etendard aircraft from the Second Air Naval Fighter and Attack Squadron of the Argentine Navy and 4 Skyhawk A-4C aircraft from the Air Force Fighter Group 4 attacked the British ship, east of the Malvinas Islands.

To fulfill the mission of attacking the aircraft carrier HMS “Invincible”, two planes from the Second Air Naval Fighter and Attack Squadron would use the latest AM-39 Exocet missile; the British ship would be finished off with 500-pound bombs to be dropped by Air Force A4-C planes.

The Super Etendards were commanded by Lieutenant Commander Alejandro Francisco and Navy Lieutenant Luis Collavino and made up the “Ala” Section; and the A4-C manned by 1st Lieutenants José Vázquez, Ernesto Ureta and Omar Castillo and Ensign Gerardo Isaac, made up the “Zonda” squadron.

The mission, meanwhile, was supported by two KC-130 Hercules planes from the Air Force’s Air Transport Group 1, commanded by Vice Commodore Luis Litrenta and Roberto Noé, respectively, which allowed the in-flight refueling of the planes that carried out the attack. set.

The Argentine radars established in the vicinity of Puerto Argentino had detected the presence of the aircraft carrier, but it was on alert. HMS Invincible was sailing about 100 miles east of Soledad Island, over the limit of the Super Etendard’s range.

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