Indonesian Navy in Makassar Strait SAR Assistance Efforts

Twenty-one victims of the 43 passengers have been found, the Navy (TNI AL) is still continuing to search (SAR) for the 22 victims of the sinking of KM Ladang Pertiwi 02 which sank around the Makassar Strait waters by deploying elements of the KRI and Aircraft. (Pesud).

The elements deployed by the Indonesian Navy to support the search for victims were KRI Sultan Hasanuddin – 366, KRI Malahayati – 362, KRI Mandau – 621, KRI Pulau Rupat – 712 and KAL Suluh Pari II – 6 – 60, and Pesud Cassa U-6207.

The 21 victims were found by the Joint SAR team who had conducted searches and evacuations from KM Ladang Pertiwi reported missing contact on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 16.00 local time. KRI Sultan Hasanuddin – 366 on Sunday 29 May 2022 at 10.00 managed to evacuate 2 victims, namely a mother and her child, and evacuated 2 people who were rescued by MV.Pearl Orchid who were then evacuated to the nearest base, Lanal Kota Baru to be transported using Indonesian Navy aircraft U-6207 headed for Makassar. The Indonesian Navy added the strength of the SAR team with KRI MLH-362, where the KRI served as the SAR Operations Coordinator.

In addition, elements of KRI MDU-621 and KRI PRP-712 will carry out re-stocking before occupying the SAR Sector. From the air patrol sector, elements of Pesud U-6207 continue to support the search for victims from the air. Some signs that can be found at the site of the incident are debris and oil spills that are thought to have come from KM. Ladang Pertiwi 02.

Respond quickly to elements of the KRI and Pesud TNI AL in any incident anywhere in accordance with the instructions of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Margono to provide assistance to the people’s difficulties as soon as possible by optimizing all capabilities so that the presence of Soldiers TNI AL everywhere can be useful for the surrounding community.

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