May 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – The anti-aircraft frigate Jean Bart is the first French vessel to be deployed in direct support of operation EUNAVFORMED IRINI, launched on April 1, 2020. A few days earlier, the frigate Aconit had been deployed in associated support of the operation before to join the eastern Mediterranean where it takes part in the CHAMMAL operation to fight against Daesh.

On patrol in the central Mediterranean, Jean Bart directly contributes to enforcing the arms embargo on Libya, imposed by a 2016 UN resolution (UNSCR 2292). Thanks to its sensors and its flexibility of use, the Jean Bart represents for IRINI a recognition and detection tool capable of ensuring this mission of preventing risks of instability in the region, in cooperation with the other means employed by European partners.

In the particular context of COVID-19, shift teams are responsible for the ship’s operation 24 hours a day, with a third party organization to limit the risks of propagation. This does not prevent him from carrying out numerous exercises in addition to his main mission, in order to guarantee the highest level of training for his crew and to maintain their reactivity. The 20 mm gunnery training, for example, allows the crew to maintain their capabilities for employment in the context of police fire to force a visit to a vessel that does not respect the terms of the embargo.

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