FGS Sachsen Open to the Public in Helsinki May 29th

One of the most capable ships in the German navy will visit Helsinki on 25-30. May. According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Finland’s application to join NATO is a welcome step, which is why the Chancellor said on 17 May 2022: “We will intensify our military co-operation, especially in the Baltic Sea, in the form of joint exercises.” The Saxony frigate is currently training in the area with allies and partners. The mere presence of a capable frigate makes a great impression on the sea area around it.

The German Navy has a total of three Saxony-class frigates that can perform a variety of tasks ranging from commanding naval units, fighting naval and air targets, and submarines. On its radar, for example, a Saxony-class ship is able to guard almost the entire airspace of the Baltic Sea region and monitor more than a thousand targets simultaneously. The anti-aircraft missiles of Saxony-class ships reach more than 160 km, if necessary. Equipped with two helicopters, the 143-meter-long ship can increase the full capacity to up to 250 soldiers, including helicopter crews.

The frigate will have open doors on Sunday, May 29th. Those interested will have the opportunity to board the ship from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and explore the impressive frigate. The ship is anchored at the Hernesaari Pier at LHB, and access to the ship is free.

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