Forbin Deploys to the Central and Eastern Mediterranean

On May 18, the air defense frigate (FDA) Forbin sailed from her base port of Toulon for a new operational mission in the Mediterranean. On this sailor’s day, casting off to set sail for a theater of operations had a particular resonance.

On leaving, the crew of the Forbin welcomed on board 4 Marine BTS students, as well as the deputy headmaster of the Maistrance school in Saint Mandrier. On the occasion of the day of the sailor, these students were thus able to exchange with sailors of the crew and experience a casting off on the bridge of one of the most imposing buildings of the naval action force (FAN).

Before arriving in the Eastern Mediterranean theater in order to ensure the continuity of the almost permanent presence of French resources in the area, the FDA optimizes its patrol time by joining the high-intensity operational preparation exercise organized by the Italian Navy in which it participates under NATO tactical command: MARE APERTO 22.

After the recovery of a Panther from the 36F flotilla interspersed with “Touch And Go” to qualify its pilot for a degraded flight mode (failure of one of the two engines), the FDA was also able to provide assistance in the return to operational level (RANO) of the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Provence , alongside the FREMM Languedoc.

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