NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian in the Mediterranean

NATO’s maritime task group concluded its third round of focused patrols in the Western Mediterranean Sea as part of NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) on May 12.

Led by NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) in Northwood, OSG is a fusion of information designed to create a comprehensive picture of daily activities in the Mediterranean. OSG units comprised flagship Italian Navy patrol vessel ITS Borsini (P491), supported by a submarine from Portugal, as well as air units from Canada, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey.

“Effective coordination and communication between all participating units led to a very successful round of focused patrols,” Commander Nicasio Falica, Italian Navy, Task Group Commander. “These patrols help NATO provide a broad picture of the maritime environment in the Western Mediterranean Sea to all seafarers. They help us understand the most up-to-date patterns of life in the region, enhancing situational awareness for everyone.”

At the end of the patrols, ITS Borsini conducted a port visit to Algiers, Algeria, one of NATO’s partner Nations via the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) framework. NATO staff met with the Algerian Navy Commander of the Central Maritime Zone, visited the Central Museum of the Army, and hosted the Italian ambassador to Algeria. The visit strengthened NATO’s partnership and cooperation with Algeria in the maritime security domain.

NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian remains one of the most important tools for NATO to increase cooperation and interoperability with Allies and Partner nations in the Mediterranean Sea and to enhance capacity building in the frame of maritime security. These focused patrols contribute to maintain maritime situational awareness, to deter terrorism and mitigate the risk of threats to security in the Mediterranean Sea.

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