Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2) joined the Spanish Navy’s major annual mine warfare exercise, SPANISH MINEX-22, in Balearic Islands, Spain, April 25 to May 6.

Under the command of Spanish Navy Captain Javier Nuñez de Prado, SNMCMG2 comprises ESPS Meteoro (Flagships) and four mine countermeasures vessels: FGS Bad Rappenau (Germany), ITS Numana (Italy) HS Evropi (Greece) and FS Capricorne (France), has participated in the ESP MINEX-22 exercise. ESPS Duero also provided associated support to the group during the exercise.

SPANISH MINEX-22 included evolving and realistic maritime scenarios aimed at reducing the risk posed by naval mines under asymmetric threat. It started in Minorca, Spain, with a tactical transit to Palma Bay, improving SNMCMG2’s ability to hunt mines in a very challenging scenario.

The flagship, minehunters and staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism, showing their ability and capability to plan and execute mine countermeasures operations effectively, and countermining 24 mines during the exercise.

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