Project 641 B-807 Conning Tower Restored for Museum

“Admiralty Shipyards” (part of USC) repaired a large diesel-electric submarine B-807 of project 641, located on the external exposition of the “Museum of the History of the Submarine Forces of Russia. A.I. Marinesko.

The opening of the updated exhibit will be held in the presence of the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov and will be marked by the hoisting of the Flags of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg and the Navy. The event is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the museum.

The repair work carried out by the employees of the Admiralty Shipyards included the restoration of the appearance of the wheelhouse of the B-807 submarine, as well as torpedoes, hatches, rescue buoy covers and anchors.

Submarine B-807 was built at the Admiralty Shipyards, the oldest shipbuilding company in the city, in 1964. A series of submarines of the 641 project has become the largest in the history of the Admiralty Shipyards submarine shipbuilding. In total, until 1983, the plant delivered 75 combat units of this project to the fleet. During their construction, the shipyards used high-alloy steel AK-25, which made it possible to increase the immersion depth to 280 meters. The autonomy of navigation has increased to 90 days, the living conditions of the crew have become more comfortable and safe.

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