Yantar Shipyard Conducting Refit of RFS Yantar

May 22, 2020 – The Baltic Yantar Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is restoring the technical readiness of the Yantar oceanographic research vessel (OIP). It was built at this plant exactly five years ago.

May 23 marks the 5th anniversary of the Yantar OIC, which regularly serves in the Russian Navy. The first-born of the project 22010 will celebrate his fifth birthday in the water area of ​​the Yantar plant, where it was built in 2015.

The ship came to the plant in early April to restore its technical readiness. Repair work on it PSZ “Yantar” conducts as part of a seven-year warranty. In particular, by the end of June it is planned to carry out a number of pipeline and hull operations. This is the first time since the ship was handed over to the customer when it came to the plant for maintenance.

“Technically, the vessel is in good working order; there have been no complaints from the customer for five years. But in order to maintain its constant readiness to fulfill its tasks, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance in a timely manner. What are we doing now, ”the ship repair department noted in the factory.

OIC “Yantar” is the lead vessel of project 22010 developed by TsMKB Almaz, built at the Yantar Shipyard on the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The displacement of the vessel is 5.2 thousand tons, length – 108.1 m, width – 17.2 m. The vessel was laid down on July 8, 2010, on the day of the 65th anniversary of the Yantar Shipyard, and is named after the manufacturer. It was transferred to the customer on May 23, 2015. At present, the Yantar plant is building a second vessel of project 22010 – Almaz.

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