Japan Approves Airfields for USS Ronald Reagan Training

We are pleased to inform you that the U.S. Forces Japan Headquarters has notified that we are planning to carry out landing training (FCLP: Field Carrier Landing Practice) for the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan on Iwo Jima as follows.
 The schedule is current and subject to change in the future.


 The USS Ronald Reagan’s Landing Practice (FCLP) is conducted before the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan calls at Yokosuka for a certain period of time and then resumes operations, and is necessary for pilots to qualify to land on the aircraft carrier. It is an essential training. The implementation of this training is extremely important for maintaining and strengthening the deterrence and coping power of Japan and the United States in the region.
 Landing training outline
・ Training period: May 6th (Friday) to May 25th (Wednesday) 11:00 to 03:00 (during that period, training is about 10 days)
・ Training model: Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan All fixed-wing aircraft models (FA-18E, FA-18F, EA-18G, E-2D, C-2A)
 If the required training on Iwo Jima cannot be carried out due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, training will be carried out at some or all of the following airfields.
Misawa Airfield May 10th (Tuesday) -May 13th (Friday) 10: 00-22: 00
Yokota Airfield May 10th (Tuesday) -May 13th (Friday) 10: 00-22: 00
Atsugi Airfield May 10th (Tuesday) -May 13th (Friday) 10: 00-22: 00
Iwakuni Airfield May 10th (Tuesday) -May 13th (Friday) 10: 00-22: 00
 The Ministry of Defense offers to conduct training on Iwo Jima as much as possible.

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