Colombian Navy delivered 21 tons of humanitarian aid

May 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – On board the Logistics Support Ship ARC “Bahía Málaga” of the Colombian Navy, attached to the Pacific Naval Force, Marines and Marines transported 21 tons of humanitarian aid, delivered to the residents of four coastal municipalities, in the Department of Narino.

With the purpose of supporting the most vulnerable Colombians during the health emergency generated by COVID-19, in the Port of San Andrés de Tumaco, crew of the Marine Infantry Brigade No.4, made the shipment of twelve tons of markets arranged by the Ministry of the Interior, within the framework of the “Colombia is with You – One Million Families” program; eight tons of rice donated by the Department for Social Prosperity; and 1,200 liters of vegetable oil donated by the private sector of Tumaco.

After four days of sailing, 916 families made up mostly of older adults, from the municipalities of El Charco, Mosquera, Olaya Herrera and Santa Bárbara de Iscuandé, who subsist on fishing and piangüa extraction activities, benefited from the delivery of these provisions from the family basket, which they received with joy and hope, since for them they represent a relief during preventive isolation.

“We are receiving the aid donated by the Social Prosperity, eight tons of rice … We want to thank the National Government and the Colombian Navy, who have brought this aid today; It is very important for us to be able to attend part of our population in this emergency due to COVID-19 that we are experiencing. We want to thank all the Institutions that are supporting us. ” expressed the Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Olaya Herrera.

In the framework of Operation San Roque, the Unified Action between the National Government and the Colombian Navy has been essential to bring welfare and help the most remote and vulnerable populations in the South Pacific of Nariñense.

From the Pacific Naval Force, through Marine Infantry Brigade No.4, human talent and available logistical capacities have been made available for the execution of these civil cooperation operations, which allow mitigating the effects generated by the coronavirus.

The Colombian Navy, through the Units deployed in the department of Nariño, ratifies its commitment and solidarity with the less favored communities in this region of the country. Likewise, it highlights the compliance with the measures ordered by the National Government to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus, adopting them in each of the armed and non-armed efforts that are being developed.

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